die Herren Edel Schriftzug


Style & class make the modern gentleman. Elegant clothing is your own personal identity. We make modern elegance and unconventional clothing style accessible.


Sustainability is very important to us as a company and we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. We ship environmentally conscious and have all products manufactured sustainably.

Company story

“die Herren Edel” which is German and translates to “the noble gents” was founded in 2015 by three ambitious gentlemen from Hamburg to give students the opportunity to dress elegantly at affordable prices. Stylish success was the motto and thus the component of the elegant clothing was always in the foreground. The product range has been constantly expanded to be able to offer everyone something unique.

At the end of 2018, the management decided on a turnaround and a new strategy.
A new philosophy was pursued for the relaunch in mid-2019 and the company was repositioned with a fresh breeze. With the new focus on the steadily growing gentleman scene worldwide, die Herren Edel experienced an upswing from a young startup to an established label for the modern gentleman.
Our goal is to excel between the big fashion labels worldwide, with a clear focus on elegant menswear. From accessories to the future complete outfit, our mission is to dress the modern Gentleman exclusively in a crowded market.

We dress the modern gentleman.

Sascha Venus
Christian Neuendorff