The appearance of the modern man is also his business card. The possibility of leaving a lasting first impression is transitory, which is why we have set ourselves the task of supplying the modern gentleman with products that reflect this value image.

“die Herren Edel” which is German and translates to “the noble gents” was founded in 2015 by three ambitious gentlemen from Hamburg to give students the opportunity to dress elegantly at affordable prices. Stylish success was the motto and thus the component of the elegant clothing was always in the foreground. The product range has been constantly expanded to be able to offer everyone something unique.

After an extensive turnaround and sales stop, we are now back in the sails with a fresh breeze. In order to celebrate this, you will receive a 15% discount on your entire purchase with us until 16.06.2019 if you apply the following voucher to your shopping cart:


But who are we and what is our story? What has brought two young entrepreneurs to fashion? Privately we have always been interested in fashion, especially men’s fashion and have seen through social media that we are not the only ones. Whether professional or private, fine suits, elegant ties, handkerchiefs and the general image of the modern man has become, especially through the digitization and social media back to a big topic.

With a constantly growing need and the missing contact point, we have made it our mission to dress the modern gentleman.

We hope to welcome you on this journey and look forward to your feedback.

On the following page, you will receive further information about us:


die Herren Edel